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Companies like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart are spending a lot of money in India, but they are unlikely to make much progress because of the extremely corrupt greedy officials who control the internet in India. Google and Tata are mainly responsible for nepotism, corruption in the internet sector providing complete support, protection and encouragement to frauds, liars and cheaters like siddhi mandrekar, nayanshree hathwar, sunaina, , whose greatest qualification is that they have no morals, and are extremely well connected with their powerful families and friends ensuring that they remain unpunished.
In no other sector is nepotism and corruption so rampant, as these greedy young women and their blackmailing family and friends try to brutally steal the identity of experienced webmasters and engineers to make these women very rich overnight.

The experienced webmaster and engineer who the crooked diploma holder siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, reis magos, verem, goa has commited corporate espionage on, finds that google, tata and powerful officials have rewarded the fraud siddhi mandrekar, who looks like kim kardashian with extremely important positionswith fake references of experience, in intelligence agencies, connected to the internet sector, making her the one point reference for all internet companies. Now the cheater siddhi mandrekar, is busy stealing emails, leads, orders, postal mails, smses, phone calls, can block payments and has access to confidential information.
Some powerful officials and internet company CEOs have also falsely claimed that their young cheater girlfriend siddhi mandrekar, is involved in the webmasters business, when siddhi mandrekar is just a crooked conwoman, against whom the webmaster would file a case against for corporate espionage, if her whereabouts were known. Why do officials exploit the webmaster so brutally falsely claiming that their young cheater girlfriends are involved in the webmasters business, when there is no connection. why dont these officials claim that they are just their young girlfriends who they infatuated with, and want to make very rich powerful overnight, why misuse the experienced webmasters name behind her back, creating confusion for other internet companies

Another fraud and cheater is nayanshree hathwar, the wife of guruprasad hathwar, tata power employee (as per his linkedin profile- though attempts to contact him failed) , who cheated a single woman engineer of her hard earned money by providing content which does not pass copyscape.. All attempts to contact her have failed, but again google, tata and powerful officials have rewarded the cheater nayanshree hathwar with extremely important positions in intelligence agencies connected to the internet sector, with fake references of experience and has access to confidential information, a government job, with regular salary, pension. her husband was only involved in food poisoning of the engineer.
Now the gang hiding behind nayanshree hathwar, are trying to manipulate the tax records so that the crook nayanshree becomes very rich overnight, getting the retirement savings of twenty years for the cheater nayanshree who has never worked, except cheating the engineer of her hard earned money. Google and Tata are united in supporting the cheater nayanshree hathwar in grabbing the vulnerable engineers savings of twenty years, an indication of the complete corruption and nepotism in the internet sector.

The third fraud in this almost never ending list of frauds is sunaina, the slim young bsc pass girlfriend of powerful official j srinivasan..This official is hacking the webmasters laptop so that his young girlfriend knows everything that is going and then abusing his powers to claim that his lazy cheater girlfriend sunaina is doing all the work. The webmaster was an Ebay customer for more than 10 years, but the powerful officials was so infatuated with the young sunaina, that she was introduced to ebay as their customer, when sunaina does not even have a ebay account. This was done only to get the lazy young sunaina powers and privileges she did not deserve in any way, and deny the webmaster all opportunities which she should have otherwise got.

Similarly there is proof that *** lacks integrity falsely taking credit for work she does not do, money she does not spend. Some names are not published since these women object, but first they should stop taking credit for money they do not spend , work they do not do, experience they do not have, and return the money they have cheated the engineer of.

Now when the experienced webmaster places an order online at ecommerce websites like Inf* , she finds that orders are not processed because such young crooked girlfriends have been put in charge in india. Even after repeated followup with Inf* she does not get a satisfactory response , nearly three months after making the payment.
Why should people order again online in India, when they have had such an unpleasant experience, poor customer support, lack of accountability.

No country in the world puts such well known crooks in charge of internet security, giving them great powers, but in the internet sector in India, due to the unofficial policy of Google and Tata, known frauds, cheaters and liars are in charge. They naturally create havoc, trying to enrich themselves to the maximum extent in the shortest possible time, exploiting loopholes in the system only known to their powerful families and friends, who will ensure that they remain unpunished for all their misdeeds.

Even this website is not spared as Google, Tata, as extremely powerful officials will falsely claim that it is owned by young lazy girlfriends siddhi mandrekar, riddhi caro, sunaina, ****, nayanshree hathwar, asmita patel, ruchika kinger and others, to shower these undeserving women with great powers, lucrative jobs, when these women do not spend a single paisa on the many expenses or contribute in any way, showing a complete lack of integrity , brutally exploiting and cheating a vulnerable single woman engineer.

Only greedy lazy dishonest and ungrateful scoundrels are allowed to flourish in India in most cases, spend Rs 90 lakhs with an internet company in India, they will lie to the customer, try to steal her identity and they will falsely and dishonestly claim that the money is spent by their cheater fraud girlfriend who has actually not spend a single paisa, to shower the cheater and fraud with great powers, at the expense of the customer who the fraud has cheated. No wonder Indians lose the most money in the world to Nigerian scammers. Nowhere in the world can such ungrateful,dishonest, cheater people be found at positions of great power, so cleaning up the mess will require a person of great integrity and courage.
They will also dishonestly try to claim that an ***** from a well connected family of the right caste is an experienced electrical engineer from a top engineering college, webmaster and domain investor to shower the architect with great powers at the expense of the engineer who gets nothing, because Google, Tata and powerful officials are extremely casteist in India. In fact the casteism is so blatant, that ex colleagues of the engineer are openly instructed by those supporting ***** not to give references to the engineer, which are required for important positions, just because she is not a “Brahmin”. All the engineers correspondence is also stolen.

All this is based on facts, a true indication of the current conditions in the ecommerce scene in india. If any of these statements were false , especially regarding cheater siddhi mandrekar, and nayanshree hathwar, their powerful backers would get these statements removed, but since they are based on FACTS, they will remain online, since these women are absconding cheaters, who unfortunately in india have been given great powers in the internet sector by google, tata and powerful officials as reward for cheating and fraud.

While many are investing large amounts online in India, they do not take into account the nepotism and corruption in the sector. Domain investors are worst affected, as one person is expected to pay all the bills for the domain registration and renewal and a young cheater and liar from a well connected family gets credit despite doing nothing at all. The domain registrars are extremely shameless and dishonest promoting protecting and encouraging the young cheater, whose only qualification is that she is the girlfriend of powerful officials, and comes from a very powerful family that specializes in blackmailing and exploiting domain investors,.,

In fact, domain investors are systematically denied opportunities which everyone else online has, in India, with their emails, smses, phone calls, postal mail all stolen, in a brutal identity theft attempt. There is absolutely no redressal mechanism, making it impossible to even diversify into offline activities or earn a satisfactory living. To add to the problems, an atmosphere of fear is created for several years that the domain investor will be forced to sell the domains, forcing the investor to postpone developing the websites.Lots of resources are wasted to cause losses to the business owner.

In reality, extremely powerful officials can only spread FALSE rumours that the websites belong to their lazy cheater young girlfriends like sunaina, siddhi mandrekar, who are not spending a single paisa online, to give these undeserving young cheaters great powers online. However, it is difficult for dishonest powerful officials and their lazy fraud young girlfriends to actually get any kind of control over the websites or domain names, since the customer paying the bills, will always have ownership rights over the websites and domains.

Everytime the webmaster is out of the state, the greedy cheater identity theft gang, supported by powerful officials,making false claims, tries to take over the business, by changing the email password. But the customer can always go to the email provider and complain to get the password reset, since they are paying the bills. So though the extremely powerful officials and their young cheater girlfriends may abuse their powers to steal leads, orders and emails, and spread false rumours about ownership, till they PAY the market price for the domains and websites, they will never be able to get control of the websites, which will expose their lies.

First pay the renewal fees for domains, hosting, and market price, then claim ownership, are these young liars and their powerful boyfriends willing to spend a few crores or even more for control of domains and websites? Why do these people even think that they can take over the websites without paying a single paisa, that they stupidly try to change passwords, why are they overconfident that the customer has no rights online?

Internet companies with Indian customers often rely on powerful government officials for identifying their customers, but they do not realise that many of these officials are very dishonest, greedy and corrupt. These officials are only interested in enriching themselves, since they will get a salary from the indian government, even when all the internet companies in india are making losses. The companies should realize that India has not achieved its rank among the most corrupt nations in the world without reason.

More than any other sector, there is no personal verification of identity documents, so many powerful dishonest officials will falsely claim that their lazy young girlfriends are customers of many large internet companies in their attempt to subject the real customer of the internet companies to identity theft and steal her hard earned money. So the undeserving lazy young girlfriends of these officials become very rich, without spending a single penny online or doing any work.

The real customer of the internet companies spending money online, finds that she is becoming very poor, as at least half a dozen cheater young women with powerful boyfriends are exploiting her repeatedly to become very rich at her expense, as these women do not do any work or spend any money online . When the real customer finds its difficult to earn money online, she reduces her online expenses, and the internet companies lose a customer, not the dishonest officials who continue to get their salaries, promotions and increments for promoting their lazy cheater girlfriends for share of the profits and exploiting internet users in India.

Ebay India, Hostgator, Fiverr, some webhosting and other companies which have already lost a customer/seller because of the dishonesty of officials in the internet sector. How many more internet companies want to lose Indian customers in this way?

Ecommerce companies like Amazon spend large amounts advertising but they fail to understand the importance of trust and relationships. The fundamental problem online, especially in India, is that relationships are not important.. People are always trying to exploit others, especially online shoppers, and those who exploits most, is considered to be the hero or heroine by most others. Google, tata group are the main companies who are perpetuating this rot, who believe that dishonesty is a great virtue online.

What they do not realize is by promoting cheaters, those who commit espionage like siddhi mandrekar, daughter of sufal mandrekar, is that in the long term, they lose trust of the common man, and it is very difficult to regain the trust or rebuild a broken relationship. Google and tata group group think that liars and cheaters who commit corporate espionage are the future of the internet in India, have leadership qualities. Even gangs of thieves and bandits have leaders with leadership skills. Theft of emails has become an epidemic in India, and there is no way to even find out who is responsible. People are increasingly moving away from email, and mobile phones seem to have become the preferred way to communicate in India.

It is a mindset problem, most of the powerful people think the same way online. Unless they are willing to acknowledge their mistake, and there is no remedy. Why is a person who everyone agrees had cheated a person who trusted her, given so many powers and assignments by internet companies. If the internet and ecommerce companies in India, think that cheating makes a person a role model, then why will the cheated common man, shop online?

While Ebay is convenient for sellers who sell small items, when sales exceed a particular value, the seller is expected to provide some documents to Ebay for verifying his identity to complete the Paisapay KYC verification process. The seller has to send his photo identity proof and address proof. Though the mail from Ebay regarding verification states that the seller can send these details by fax or email, when sellers try to send the documents by fax, the fax does not go through.
Unfortunately Ebay does not allow the seller to send the documents by courier or post, which is the most reliable way of ensuring a document reach its destination.
If a seller knows his or her laptop is being tampered continuously, storing any important identity proof on the laptop is risky, as there is always a possibility that it can be misused for tampering with other financial records. Sending it by email is even riskier as some miscreant may intercept the email and misuse the scanned copy for accessing foreign web hosting and other accounts. Unfortunately those who are doing the verification are unable to empathise with the seller who is facing a lot of problems.

In such cases, the seller has no option but to minimize the use of the Ebay seller account, especially when the seller is being harassed continuously.

After a few years, forced to stop selling on Ebay. The reason was not a problem with Ebay (they have a very good system in place), but the extreme corruption online, and the complete lack of transparency. Ebay relies on certain powerful people for verifying the sellers identity. However, these powerful people are unscrupulous and introduce their girlfriend and relatives as the ebay seller, when this girlfriend/relative is not doing any work at all or is associated with the ebay seller in any way.

This girlfriend however seems to be aware of all the activities of the Ebay seller, but is not willing to reveal how she has access to this information. If the real Ebay seller even tries to speak with this girlfriend, this rude girlfriend threatens to file a case against the Ebay seller. Additionally the powerful people have routed all phone calls, SMSes of the Ebay seller through this girlfriend. Under these conditions why should the Ebay seller allow the powerful people to continue with their misuse of her name behind her back, and give credit to their lazy, cunning girlfriends.

Being subjected to an identity theft attempt can be very stressful for the real Ebay seller, whose name is being misused behind the users back, by people who the seller does not know or is in contact with, but have no qualms shamelessly misusing the Ebay seller’s name. Already these powerful people have shown how unscrupulous they are, in their attempt to steal money. The documents requested for KYC verification by ebay may be misused to steal the sellers hard earned money of twenty years, especially since a fax or hard copy is not being accepted.

The only way to prevent the problem is to stop selling on Ebay, at least it will save time and mental stress. If a person is not selling or buying on Ebay, Ebay will not contact the powerful people to verify the identity. Stopping sales on Ebay is the only way the helpless Ebay seller can register her protest against the blatant misuse of her name by shameless powerful people behind her back.

A founder of an ecommerce startup Zopnow forced out by investors/co-founders
This is not example of the major problem working online in India. An experienced webmaster is put under tremendous pressure to form a business with an inexperienced person , who has no other credential other than having a very powerful relative or friend as a backer. If the webmaster refuses to accept this arrangement and form a company 50-50, he or she is put under tremendous pressure and harassment which includes
1.Encouraging and protecting blackmailers and extortionists to make blatantly false allegations of payment without any proof at all.
2.under surveillance for several years
3.subjected to a continuous character assasination campaign, questioning the cometence of the webmaster
4.many personal, financial documents are missing, probably to be used for identity theft.Emails, mails are intercepted.
5. Refusing to give credit where it is due, people who falsely claim to be involved in the business(without doing anything) will be showered with privileges and encouraged to harass the webmaster.
Why should the experienced webmaster tolerate such atrocities, and form a company with a cofounder who does not care or respect him or her?

One of the major problems selling digital products on is that after the item is shipped to the buyer, the buyer will claim a refund. If the product can be reused like webhosting, the sellers loss is less, but for domain names the registrar does not provide a refund if the deletion request is made after 5 days.,
For example for Ebay buyer
Buyer Ebay user name / user id
Buyer information:
gurbaksh kaur
Buyer shipping address:
gurbksh kukreja
a86 top floor
ganesh nagar tilak nagar
delhi – 110018

She purchased a website package with domain name. After more than one week, after the item was shipped, she placed a claim for a refund, despite registering the domain name . At, the ignorant staff processing her claim and refunded the payment, and they do entertain disputes for digital products. Now this cunning buyer, got her money back, but still wanted to use the domain name (which costs Rs 500-600). She changed the name servers to another webhosting company, so that she could continue using the free domain name. Many attempts were made to contact her by messaging, on phone, but she did not respond to a single message. It is difficult to take legal action for such low value items, and the biggest loser is the seller on ebay, whose money is wasted.

Many internet and ecommerce websites try numerous offline methods to boost their sales and customer base such as TV commercials, newspaper advertisements. However, this does not work due to a very fundamental problem of internet availability in India. In some areas, internet connectivity is available at a reasonable price and internet users can surf the internet without worrying about expenses . In other areas, accessing the internet becomes expensive because of many reasons such as
1.Refusal to provide an internet connection by certain ISPs.
2. Bandwidth theft – the internet connection is used by someone other than the subscriber.The subscriber gets a slow internet connection and is forced to pay the bill for internet usage which some one else uses.
3. Hacking of computers and laptops by anonymous hackers, who remain unaffected and are well protected, while the innocent internet user has his or her life ruined due to the slander campaign and pay up for the damages caused by the hackers. The internet may have a lot of information, but it is not worth spending much time online, if the person is left penniless in his or her old age, or framed for crimes he or she did not commit.
4. Identity theft – online usage patterns are analysed, and one person spends the money, does the work, someone else gets the credit.
For a person with a non-IT background, it is very difficult to get any kind of support or assistance when the computer is hacked, as most other people do not face a similar problem. For example, I noticed that a certain Url was not accessible on a laptop. However, the same url could be opened on the laptop of other users sharing the same wifi connection.

An internet user has been trying to make a purchase on an Ecommerce website at home, but the connection is so slow (it is a 3G connection) that it takes 5 minutes to open a single page. It is not advisable to make the same purchase in a cybercafe using a credit card due to security reasons, so the buyer will be forced to buy offline.